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About Margaret

Margaret has been an accredited teacher in both academic and practical sides of Holistic Healing subjects such as Aromatherapy theory and practical and therapeutic Bodyworks subjects including remedial massage and has many student therapists around the world.

When she was growing up, Margaret always wanted to be a teacher but as she belonged to a large family, circumstances were not in her favour and the opportunity did not arise. All her energies, through time, went into forging another career in which she was involved in training adults in the commercial world for many years as well as bringing up a family.

Margaret's interest in aromatherapy led her to Holistic healing Therapies, which she taught to students from many walks of life. This student body included many from Asia where she spent, over 15 years, many long term engagements. This intermingling of cultures not only enriched her appreciation of other cultures but it bought an understanding of not only the physical fabric, of humankind, but also and understanding of the emotional and mental schema.

Margaret became a Reiki Master/Teacher during the time of teaching Holistic & Health Sciences and widened her involvement in Spiritual Philosophy.

The dream to teach and guide was fulfilled, not in the way she first imagined it to happen teaching small children in a school setting, Margaret began by teaching adults, leading them by example Developing those who were ready to reach their optimum, Healing Mind, Body and Spirit through understanding the Mind/Body connection and offering Expansion by opening the corridors of their minds and hearts for the benefit of themselves and others.

It was due to her love of how things worked, in the Science and Philosophy of the Natural Laws of the Universe that eventually led to Margaret being Ordained as a minister in the Denomination of Spiritualism. This gave her the eligibility to officiate at Weddings, hold Commitment services, carry out Namings for children and adults under the Rites of Spiritualism and to also hold Funeral services.

Margaret also holds Councelling Sessions for those who are struggling with life events.

For those who wish to expand their development, in all areas, Margaret is there to help them find themselves and grow stronger in their being.